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Articles by Martin James

Martin James

Martin James. International salt and freshwater angler, consultant, writer, author, broadcaster and TV contributor was born in 1937 in Kent, at Canada House, a nursing home for Navy officer's wives. Martin caught his first fish in 1941 during a German bomber raid on his home county of Kent. As the Hurricanes and Spitfires attempted to shoot down the invaders, this 4 year old angler was content to fish for the small stunted rudd in a Kentish clay pit.

Martin's favourite country is the United States. As he writes in his Autobiography "Up Against It" (which incidentally was launched in the Houses of Parliament) "I will never forget the friendship of the American servicemen who stayed in my house during the war years". If he couldn't be English he would want to be an American.

Martin's work has taken him to many places throughout the world including the Middle East, Europe (he loves Swedish Lapland), North and South America, Mexico, Bahamas, the Amazon river, it's tributaries and jungle lakes of Brazil, Columbia, Peru Ecuador and Venezuela - some of this work being extremely dangerous at times. He has spent a lot of time in Canada, a place he loves for its wilderness and the wildlife, especially some of the more northerly part of the country up towards the Arctic circle. Martin donates all his writing fees and speaking engagements to various charities and habitat work.

Martin James Diary


Happy New Year to you all!

Happy New Year to you all!

A Winter Barbel Fishing Trip

Retire to the riverbank

Angling Reports
North Carolina Trout and Bass Fishing

A slight dimple appeared on the calm surface of Lake Tahoma. With one false cast, the beaded pheasant tail nymph dropped with a slight plop. I made two one inch pulls then felt a good fish eat the nymph. My answering strip strike connected with a nice brown trout. Success at last I thought, as the fish bored powerfully away taking a few feet of line.

Fly Rods: The Thomas & Thomas Series

As a youngster I taught myself to cast, in doing so I taught myself lots of bad habits.

Northern Waters report

Still water fisheries

It's Another Week in Paradise

Old ? Who me?

Visit Alberta - Part 2 -Canadian Pike on the fly

Canadian Pike on the fly

Value For Money

EA - is it any good?

Visit Alberta for some wonderful Fly Fishing and Adventures

Gag on this venue...

The Martin James Report

From around the country

Go Chase The Pike With A Fly. Part 2

part 2

Go Chase The Pike With A Fly - Part1

Martin brings out the big guns

Fishing Reports

From around the country..

News and reports from Martin James

and what's in the Mail..

News, reports and what's in the Mail

Martin has loads to report..

Northern Waters reports

From our very own Martin James

News and reports:

From around the country

Prospects and reports

A quick flash around the country with MJ



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