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Articles relating to Anecdotal/Memoirs

best wireless Bluetooth earbuds Rod Henton

best wireless Bluetooth earbuds

The Christmas ghost(carp) story Rod Henton

I read recently that nature is cruel and unjust; I thought I?d put the record straight, nature just exists.

Lies, Damn lies and statistics Rod Henton

Stuff and statistics

Mucho mokita. Rod Henton

Mucho what?.

The Essential Anglers? Hat John Olliff-Cooper

Get a head then read on...

Fighting Goliath Peter Holdsworth

Enter the warzone for Goliath Tiger Fish!

The day I packed up early - Kerry Jordan Kerry Jordan

Kerry Jordan tells of his fishing - from tranquil days to traumatic times

Jumping in Puddles Jason Inskip

Taking kids fishing is more than fun - it's what life is all about!

The Tropic of Pisces Jason Inskip

Jason considers bonefish, beaches and some, er? primeval concerns in the Seychelles.

Chris's Angling Year: The Mother of Angling (or Izaak Walton was a Plagiarist?) Chris Plumb

Chris dives into the history of angling and discovers that the old angling writers were not so different from today's breed!

At last, a Hammerhead! Dave Steuart

Dave looks back on sharking through the last half century and comes to some decisions

Alaska - 2001 part 3 Alan Tomkins

Alan's party get ready to leave and are confronted with a bear!

Bending not breaking Rod Henton

Bad boy Rod gives a few more underhanded tips on how to catch carp, despite the rule book!

Write on Dr Paul Garner

Want to get in print?

Monster Pike - In Jig Time Eric Edwards

Two pike for a total of 79lb in one day? It happened to Eric!

What's on your shelf? Roddy Hays

Roddy takes a look at his bookshelf

Sweden Pt 2 - Arctic char and jam. Clive Gammon

Clive aims for a char and comes to a sticky end

Another week in search of French Pussy Harold Taverner.

Harold has a birthday party on a french lake. The guests include pussy galore

Sharks... I like 'em! Dave Steuart

Tropical makos or Cornish blues, Dave likes the lot

The water closet Jason Inskip

Jason ponders that eternal question "How do you go to the toilet in space?"

Peacocks, perch and therapy Geoff Maynard

Old methods still work

Aggressive wading in Sweden Clive Gammon

Clive remembers a fly-fishing trip to Sweden for grayling

Cheeky Chappies & Friends John Olliff-Cooper

Who? Crucians of course!

Ireland, bluefins and thoughts on kites Roddy Hays

Roddy searches for Irish bluefin with some interesting techniques

Being there... Rod Henton

Sometimes it's all about being there...

Days and Nights of Salmon & Sea trout - 5 Alan Tomkins

Return to Scotland.

Things we don?t do anymore Dave Steuart

"Come gather round people, wherever you roam.."

The Specialist Nene Chris Gardner

A river review

Gammon on PETA Clive Gammon

Clive has met the boss of the antis.

Days and nights of Salmon & Seatrout - pt 4 Alan Tomkins

Eire memoirs

Fishing Mates Dave Steuart

There are many creatures within the animal kingdom that are socially involved with each other and man has invented many names to describe them.

Walking on Water Matthew Spence

Bass aluring.

A tale of two salmon Clive Gammon

Clive hops over to Eire

Days and Nights of Salmon & Sea trout - 3 Alan Tomkins

Ireland in '78

Rod's Reality Carping: A Prescription for Depression Rod Henton

Rod needs therapy!

Days & Nights of Salmon & Sea Trout - Pt.2 Alan Tomkins

Alan remembers

Target Carp: Just like the Buses! Ron Woodward

Ron's monsters

The Mongolian Taimen Adventure: Pt2 Clive Gammon


Reality Carping: Good guys never win. Rod Henton

More fun and frolics

In the zone - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Zen and the art of angling

Trout time again Dave Steuart

Dave's philosophy: One's life is not the future, it is the past, and as one gets older one tends to realise this more and more.

MADEIRA '92 - More excerpts from a captain's log Roddy Hays

Memories of good days past

The Mongolian Taimen Adventure: Pt1 Clive Gammon

Part One

Reality Carping; More Philosophy Rod Henton

Oh oh - Now what's he up to?

Bernard Venables ? Lest We Forget . A final salute from John Olliff-Cooper John Olliff-Cooper

Bernard Venables has died.

Mad dogs and journalists : DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Paul teams up with Colin Davidson to put some fish on the bank

S&M - Seagulls and Mushrooms Geoff Maynard


Fishing Pornography Clive Gammon


Salmon Chit Chat Dave Steuart

The true price of salmon

With the Compliments of John Player and Sons Geoff Maynard

Memories of youth

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